Cameron Consulting & Associates


Guiding You Through The Flow of the Industry

The cannabis industry is ever-changing and our dynamic solutions efficiently handle those changes.ย 

Our team has experience building, launching, and operating cannabis companies with compliance at the core of all decisions.

Purchasing for Retail

Procuring The Best Menu For Your Operations

Buyers are responsible for monitoring sales and inventory levels, minimizing out of stock and overstock events while ensuring that budgets are adhered to.

Leveraging databases and tracking spreadsheets, we use data to help understand trends and determine ongoing purchasing decisions. Once trends are identified, orders are negotiated and placed with vendors and tracked by our Inventory Teams.

Your Buyer is the liaison between Inventory Coordinators and the vendors, communicating on delivery, products, and resolving issues.


Operations Assistance

Customized S.O.P's for operational consistency

Starting with a review of key aspects of your operations, we develop a customized “playbook” that maximizes efficiency.

From cash handling, management, Point of Sale operations, inventory, merchandising, sales training and Human Resources operations; get the peace of mind that your business is protected while operating for growth.

METRC & Compliance Support

Keeping you transparent with state traceability

Traceability is the eyes into your operation and can be the leading cause of a state mandated audit or can lead to direct operational fines.

Our METRC Specialist will visit your business and conduct an audit to identify your variances and make recommendations to avoid them in the future. For additional assistance, conduct scheduled check-ins with our Compliance team to ensure you’re taking the proper actions to resolve issues.

Staff Training

For Budtenders, Managers, and Cannaseurs

We believe that THC isnโ€™tย  the best deciding factor in purchasing Cannabis. Understanding the science behind your product is a key element to making an informed and educated sell.

With training we can change the stigma of high THC numbers. Make sure your budtenders have the data necessary to help customers find the right products.

Branding & Marketing

Show Off What Makes Your Company Unique

Despite the competition, every business in this industry has a unique story and audience. More than just colors and a logo, a brand supports your company vision to create the connection that customers will have with your business.

We’ll learn your company culture and get to know your customers to place your products in front of them with digital marketing.