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Social media has grown to become a necessity for any company’s marketing strategy. Cannabis businesses have a social media challenge due to most platform’s efforts to prevent accidental promotion of products to children. However, Instagram has risen to the top as the most effective mainstream social media platform that cannabis companies use today. 

It’s no wonder why – 83% of users say they use Instagram to discover new products and services! That means they’re actively searching for more info, wanting to find brands to follow, and are ready to engage and purchase!



Cameron Consulting & Associates is a new company, but we aren’t new to social media management. With our launch, we’re bridging years of experience and refined processes from the corporate, technology arena to cannabis. 

Our marketing team is led by Tiana Cameron, a 15 year web strategist and digital marketer, who has worked with a variety of clients from micro businesses to large corporations creating brand awareness, engagement, event attendance, lead generation and increased web traffic through design and digital marketing.


Scope of Work – Social Media Management Services

With our services, you can take daily social media management tasks off your list – or stop worrying about trying to add them in the first place! 

We use our strategic balance of posting, monitoring, engaging and responding to establish and manage DIOS’ brand reputation, increase customer loyalty, extend your reach and build your influence.

Based on your goals and budget, you can best decide the duration of our services with monthly, quarterly, semi annual, and annual options.


Competitive Analysis

We performed a social media audit of your profile against three other profiles from the past 30 days:

  • Deuces 22. A woman owned cannabis flower company in Los Angeles. Profile contains content that best represents the type of content DIOS should include to show their personality (and face) of the brand.
  • Mary & Main. A successful woman owned medical dispensary in Maryland. The owner of this company is the youngest dispensary owner and adds leverage to their brand. DIOS can also use being the first black woman owned flower company in Oakland to its advantage.
  • Viola. A well known, black owned flower company. Not only have they expanded into multiple states, they make good use of lifestyle content featuring the owner which contributes to their significantly high number of followers.

Click here to view the detailed data

Based on the data, here are a few advantages we identified for DIOS:

  • Deuces 22 has gone silent on their social media for over a month. This is a perfect opportunity for DIOS to kickstart social media campaigns paired with increased press relations to take over as the “top black woman owned cannabis flower company” according to Google search results.
  • On average, DIOS has a higher engagement rate per post than Mary & Main. This could be due to more variety in DIOS post types, with more videos to photos than Mary & Main. Mix that with Viola’s strategy of bringing the face from behind the brand to skyrocket engagement rates even higher.
  • DIOS has an overall 9.12% engagement rate. This is well above the 5.6% average rate for 1-5k followers – and higher than Mary & Main and Viola’s average for their amount of followers. This indicates that while Mary & Main and Viola might have quantity, DIOS has quality when it comes to connecting with followers.


Target Persona

Based on our conversation last week and your ultimate vision for your Instagram account, the audiences we will focus on are:

  • Cannabis consumers that know/used/like DIOS products
  • Cannabis consumers that have yet to discover DIOS products (especially in the Bay Area)
  • Female consumers that are loyal to woman-owned cannabis businesses (women in general and black women)
  • Dispensaries in the Oakland area that carry DIOS products
  • Dispensaries throughout California that have yet to carry DIOS products


Social Media Strategy

We’ll start with a Kickoff Meeting with all of the decision makers at DIOS to decide on the goals and targets for social media campaigns. Based on our initial call, some of those goals include:

  • establish and implement an overall brand to the DIOS Instagram account (congruent across graphics, messaging, topics)
  • create brand awareness in Southern California (particularly San Diego) to expand product territory
  • feature other women in cannabis
  • highlight the Oakland cannabis culture

During the call, we will also talk about industry events, company news/milestones, business plans, and more to craft a content calendar. Our primary focus will be on developing consistent social activity on DIOS profile. We will also, as a secondary focus, conduct social engagement outside of DIOS Instagram profile – engaging with industry hashtags and influencers.

We will post anywhere from 2-5 posts a week that feature curated content sharing, educational, news, inspirational content, questions for interaction, promotions – all with DIOS goals in mind. A Linktree account will be created that will serve as the bio link for further reading without the need of a website or blog.

From our conversation, I believe adding a lifestyle component (aka show behind the brand – YOU!) will be the “icing on the cake” as the supplement to our social media services. Understanding the desire of not wanting to be corporate, you can create your own lifestyle content the same way corporate does, while the front end delivery presents the actual casual, Oakland culture that represents DIOS.


Have a YOU Day!

Using your phone’s camera, an affordable tripod with a camera remote control, your favorite playlist, outfits and friends – spend a day outside at different locations throughout the city and have mini photo shoots! 

Make it a fun day of makeup, fashion, good times, good food, a few prerolls and setup your camera in different positions around your location. Using the camera remote control, take different photos without having to set a timer and running back to take an awkward pose. If you have a friend willing to be your photographer for the day – that’s even better! 

The main image on this website is a good example of the type of lifestyle images that would support the brand DIOS wishes to create. We will take those images to use strategically within some of the posts, creating the “illusion” of the time between photo shoots.


Campaign Implementation

Once the actual strategy has been decided and approved, we will perform the following tasks:

  • Dedicated management of DIOS Instagram account 
  • One daily posting max = 2-5 times a week
  • Create Instagram branded post set
  • Interaction – respond to messages and comments
  • Flag inappropriate comments
  • Influencer Strategy
    • Likes to latest posts for popular industry hashtags
    • Comments and likes on industry influencer posts
  • Develop benchmark metrics to measure the results
  • Monthly analytics report
    • KPIs:
      • Number of followers
      • Number of tags
      • Likes, shares, comments
      • User sentiment
  • Monitor trends
  • Monitor the activities of competitors
  • Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaigns and strategies

Estimated Timeline

Estimated Timeline:

Starting October 15

Social media strategy planning/finalization
14 days
Social media strategy execution
90 days minimum recommended

Your Investment

As part of our commitment to provide a path to success for every licensed cannabis business, all of our services are offered at an exclusive rate for Social Equity Operators. Social Media Management - Ongoing Options 1 Month = $400 3 Months = $1175 6 Months = $2350 12 Months = $4700

3 Month Social Media Management (Social Equity)

Total: $1175

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