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Procurement, Operations,
Marketing, and Brand Consulting

Creating Balance Between

Operations, Product & Profit

Purchasing for Retail

Retail Operations Assistance

METRC & Compliance Support


Authentic Brand Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy


Marques Cameron

Retail operations and procurement

Leveraging databases and customer feedback, Marques uses data to help understand trends and determine ongoing purchasing decisions. 

Tiana Cameron

Digital Marketing and Branding

Every business has a unique story and audience. Tiana works with companies to craft connections that create loyal customers.


How We Can Help

The name of the game is reducing costs and increasing value to customers. 

Increased Sales

Fresh ideas and unique techniques to jumpstart sales - tailor crafted to each goal.

Staff Productivity

Boost staff product knowledge, morale, and overall team productivity - complete with accountability and incentives.

Operation Efficiency

Retail operation procedure development, seamless implementation, and ongoing assistance of new processes.

Exposure & Awareness

Strategic marketing from brand development, social media management and web design.

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